Pubs re-opening - Can we resume?

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Pubs re-opening - Can we resume?

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The following is copied on News page of the web site and has been emailed to all team captains.
With the announcement of the re-openings of pubs from July 4th , many of you will be
wondering about the possibility of resuming the League.
At this stage what we don’t know: -
• Which of our venues can and will open?
• Of those who do, which will permit Aunt Sally to be played in their gardens?
• Which teams/players are prepared to resume?
Obviously from the above it is not possible for us to administrate a meaningful league,
so the Committee has decided not to attempt to organise any official games for the
remainder of this season.
What we will do is to contact every team captain and compile a list of venues/teams
willing to participate in ‘friendlies’.
This will be indicated on the ‘Team Details’ web page by highlighting the team in yellow.
It’s then up to you to contact each other and make arrangements.
We are also considering how best to organise Finals Night and will let you know in due course.
It would help if you could give use a Yes or No response.
:( :( :(

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