Mens Singles

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MR Blobby
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Mens Singles

Post by MR Blobby »

Mens Singles this week everybody !

Apparantley its in the form of a video that we can watch time and time again !, i am sure Barry will keep us posted on the time its available on Sunday, 132 entrants this year, good luck everyone !

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Re: Mens Singles

Post by admin_baw »

Am intending to put the video on the Competition 'Home' page - the one currently showing 'List & dates'.
The intention is to upload it at 9:00pm on Sunday and you can watch it from then.
A static page will go up on Monday morning showing the heats & results - as it would have in 'real life'.
Each subsequent competiton video will go up the following Sunday.
We're going to try to channel it via YouTube to preserve bandwidth on our site, otherwise it would probably crash with multiple streamings. All is progressing well at the moment.
Will be talking to our developer later so there may be an update to this thread.

BTW - I've re-opened the Comps registration - the more the merrier.

Let me know what you think of this Sunday's effort - it's certainly different!

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Re: Mens Singles

Post by Gcarter1658 »

Brilliant Barry, not too sure about the end result - cue the complaints! I like the avatar.

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barney mcgrew
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Re: Mens Singles

Post by barney mcgrew »

Well that’s a turn up for the books, I played well though :D

Dave Adams
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Re: Mens Singles

Post by Dave Adams »

Well done Barry made me giggle with all the SUPER stars getting beat by us lesser players.

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